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Step-On Tour Guide

A Step-On guide is your host for the tour who greets your bus and literally “steps-on” once your tour group arrives. Step-On guides provide directions for the bus driver, access to all sites and attractions, and provide the background narrative for the places that you will be visiting. Guides possess deep knowledge of the tour sites and region and are part historian, part storyteller, and part onboard concierge for your journey.

Synonyms - Tour Guide
Receptive Tour Operator
“Receptive” tour providers are entities that market tours, create tour content, make travel arrangements, and promote experiences for inbound travelers to the tour destination. CTP is a receptive tour operator which designs, plans and operates history and heritage-based tours in the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia region. Typically the customer secures their own transportation and hotel. CTP provides the tour guide, meal arrangements, brochures and materials, and all site-visitation entry fees inclusive in your tour fee.
Synonyms - Tour Operator
Off boarding refers to the act of stepping off the bus to experience a site up close such as an historical marker, museum or other place of visitation. On your Chesapeake Tour itinerary off-boarding sites are indicated by use of an asterisk. 
Certified Historical Interpreter

Interpreters connect visitors to important natural, cultural, and historical resources, or anywhere that people come to learn or experience a place. The National Association for Interpretation defines interpretation as "a mission-based communication process that forges emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the meanings inherent in the resource." Our tours are designed by certified interpreters and members of the National Association for Interpretation. Click here to see interpreters explain, in their own words, who interpreters are and why their work is important.

Synonyms - Historical Guide