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Most of your travel arrangements will be made with your motorcoach operator. But there are key things to keep in mind before you arrive for your tours.


Dress comfortably for the season in which you are traveling. Fancy dress attire is not required for the sites on our tour. That said, travelers may experience shifts in temperature when stepping off the bus and entering airconditioned spaces such as museums and restaurants. It may be advisable to carry a sweater with you in all seasons and conditions. You will also be standing and doing some degree of walking so comfortable shoes are a must. Open toe shoes may result in unforeseen injuries and the wearing of high heels may slow down you as well as the group you are with.


Many of you will travel great distances to reach our tour destinations. It is therefore important to check traffic conditions in advance to assure you will arrive on time. Sometimes, even with the greatest of planning, you may end up arriving late for a tour. If you arrive late with a pre-formed bus tour we reserve the right to alter, delete or change your tour to accommodate for the late arrival. All tours must end at the designated time and cannot be extended. Some sites have set times for our arrival and may have to be dropped if you are late. If you are traveling solo and joining a walking tour please plan to arrive 15-30 minutes ahead of time. Tours will begin and end promptly and will not wait for late arrivers.

Travel advisory- Those crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge while arriving or departing should be aware of ongoing restoration work to the bridge that may prolong the drive-by minutes or hours at times. We suggest you visit the Bay Bridge website at

ADA and Access

Facilitating access to all our customers is of the utmost importance to us. If you need access for someone with a wheelchair, walker or cane please let us know with as much advance notice possible. Most of our sites are handicapped accessible and ADA compliant. When a site is not accessible all efforts are made to deliver the passenger and close to the experience as possible. Please contact our booking agent to discuss available options.

Read Up

Chesapeake Tours provides background information on the tours we offer to the public. Whether it’s the Underground Railroad Byway on the Eastern Shore or heritage sites across the DC metro region, you will find informative articles and commentary, on many of the destinations that you will be visiting, posted to our Media Page in our Blog and In The News features.

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